Winter Wellness Boost

Are you dreading the cold winter? Feeling like you catch every bug that gets circulated throughout the season?

Prepare your immune system with the Winter Wellness Boost. This treatment will leave you feeling refreshed, relaxed, and ready to take on winter!

How? you ask…

FIRST you receive a potent dose of a specially formulated immune booster that has a history of use dating back 60 years for the prevention and treatment of colds/flus and the symptoms associated with them. It is safe and effective for all ages.

NEXT you will lay down to relax under the far infrared dome sauna that will be positioned over your midsection. Why the midsection? 70-80% of your immune system is located within the digestive system so the dry heat will penetrate deeply into the cells to increase circulation, reduce pain, swelling, or inflammation, and accelerate healing and toxin elimination improving the overall function of your digestive system.

THEN to boost the effects of the sauna you will receive a signature blend of essential oils applied to the abdominal region that will also act to reinforce the immune and digestive systems as well as relax the mind and body.

AND if that weren’t enough, a set of customary acupuncture points is included that will enhance circulation of Qi and blood throughout the body and have a calming and analgesic effect.

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