Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic medicine varies between practices so at Effective Health Solutions we call what we do Whole Health Naturopathic Medicine. Whole health truly encompasses all aspects of our lives (the physical, the mental, the emotional and the spiritual). Our focus is to inspire hope and offer a judgement-free zone to help you make deep transformational shifts in your life that lead to a healthier you!

Naturopathic Initial Consult
Your first visit with Dr. Kim is approximately 90 mins. and involves discussing your health concerns, health history and background, your lifestyle, and health goals. It also includes Reba testing to assess your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual energy levels; as well as to identify any dysregulation of your nervous system and which areas of the body may be stressed and/or are in need of support. The treatment approach will be discussed along with any additional testing or treatment recommendations. Included in your first visit is a 15 min. follow up phone call 1 week later to check in and also address any questions or concerns.

Naturopathic Follow-up Consults
Follow-up consults are typically scheduled every 4 weeks. The recommended length for these visits is 45 mins. unless Dr. Kim has advised otherwise. 60 min. consults are recommended if you have a new concern, if it has been 1 year or more since you have last seen Dr. Kim or you know that you need a little extra time. Follow-up consults are to check in, monitor progress, re-test energy levels, nervous system and body organ systems, and to educate.

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