Infused Aroma Sound Therapy

Infused Aroma Sound Therapy is a unique culmination of several different healing modalities designed to give the central nervous system a tune up, deeply detoxify the body, and bring on deep relaxation. The more relaxed and balanced we are, the better the effects of any other treatments provided for healing. This treatment will help your body hold the adjustment provided by your Chiropractor. It can be highly beneficial on its own or in addition to your naturopathic treatment plan. It will speed up the process of transformation.

It can include any or all of the following: tuning fork sound therapy, essential oil application (raindrop technique), acupuncture/acupressure, light massage and/or cupping.

• Balances and Re-aligns the Energy Centers of the Body
• Re-aligns the Spine in a Non-Manipulative Manner
• Reduces Stress & Anxiety
• Reduces Inflammation in the Body
• Relaxes Muscles
• Relieves Pain
• Helps the Body Clear Viral and/or Bacterial Infections
• Improves Circulation
• Boosts Immune System Function
• Deeply Detoxifies the Body
• Balances Emotional Well-Being and Mood
• Aids in Releasing Blockages

Treatment Recommendation: weekly while receiving other naturopathic/chiropractic therapies OR as needed

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