About Dr. Kim

about dr kim

Hi, I am a registered Naturopathic Doctor practicing in Sherwood Park and Calgary, AB. I love to work with people who are interested in digging a little deeper to address the root cause of their disease, and are invested in improving their health as part of a wellness based lifestyle.

Do you wish you had:

  • access to a well trained health care practitioner who is dedicated to improving all aspects of your physical and mental health and well-being?
  • a partner in your health that works in resolving your health issue(s) rather than managing symptom relief?
  • someone who offered you a streamlined, individualized, nature based approach to nutrition, health and wellness?

In working with you, my goal is to stimulate a response in your system, back to a place of self auto-regulation or more simply, create a stimulus to initiate your body’s own healing response. As your health improves, the side effects are reduced inflammation, fewer allergies, better hormone balance, increased energy, decreased aging and improved appearance. Best of all, you can eat or do anything in moderation.

I use my problem solving, analytical, and creative talents to determine a treatment plan that addresses your needs and at the same time aligns with your goals. I am committed to providing personalized health care and trust that if you have found your way here, you are seeking “out of the box” thinking with regards to medicine, health & wellness. I deeply value the relationships I form with my patients and rather than treating only “the disease” I investigate deeper to identify underlying causes of your health imbalances. While getting to the root of a health issue can sometimes be like Pandora’s box, I believe in meeting you where you are at to work WITH you to restore wellness and vitality. I do my best to offer insightful feedback that will continually increase knowledge, health, and self-care. This is more than integrative medicine, it is transformational healing!

At Effective Health Solutions, we treat all acute and chronic health complaints with special interest in mental health, digestive health, hormonal disorders, cardiovascular health, weight management and detoxification.

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I look forward to seeing you transform your health!


Working with Dr. Kim is not only a delight, but a great experience. She has a natural balance for listening and offering advice and counsel. She looks at me as a whole person and assesses not only one aspect of my well-being but strives to see the big picture from mental, physical and psychological aspects. She asks the right questions, even ones that other practitioners haven’t asked. As we all have more than one concern, she is open to address each individual issue, while keeping me in mind as a whole. I would recommend her to anyone I know, from young to old since she has the knowledge and the disposition to kindly dig deep into the problem and find a healthy solution.

– SM, Female, 42,


Dr Kim, thank you so much for your guidance and wisdom. Your care for me and my recovery is the hope I needed in a time when I thought hope was gone. I wish every doctor in the medical profession had your attitude and devotion. I place my full trust in you and your abilities, I am and will be eternally grateful for all you do. What I needed the most was to know that you care and I see that in you for me.

– KC, Male, 28,


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